Place Joseph Royal

Client | Prairie Architects
Location | Old St. Boniface, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Year Completed | 2007

In the heart of old St. Boniface, on the main street of Winnipeg’s French quarter, Place Joseph is a seven-storey mixed-use infill project that features ground level retail, second storey commercial office spaces and five storeys of residential units. The $14-million building, housing 135 000 sq. ft. of total space, was part of Winnipeg’s recent push to foster urban high-density living with walkable streets with nearby amenities.

This mixed use development comprises 135,000 square feet over 7 storeys required long span high strength concrete beams of shallow depth to suit height restrictions while carrying significant loads from floors above the parking garage, some of the first of their kind in western Canada.

Place Joseph 1
Place Joseph 2
Place Joseph 3

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