APTN Building

Client | Prairie Architects
Location | Winnipeg, MB
Year Completed | 2016


Television studios were once thought of as very controlled spaces, entirely independent of their surroundings and place. While still requiring all the extreme technical demands of a production studio, the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network building challenged this spatial concept by inserting the studio drum with views into and out from the context of its urban setting, symbolic of the transparency required of a modern news and information source. The symbolism of the drum continues as a means of capturing how sound and in this case images captured from within resonates out to the entire country and even beyond Canada's border. A curvilinear canopy and signage ties two distinct existing facades together in an economical manner while creating an eye catching street presence.

APTN Building 1
APTN Building 2
APTN Building 3
APTN Building 4
APTN Building 5
APTN Building 6
APTN Building 7
APTN Building 8

Photography by Lindsay Reid