CentrePlace Manitoba Pavillion

Client | Cibinel Architects
Location | Vancouver, British Columbia
Year Completed | 2010

Sustainability Star Award | Vancouver Olympics Organizing Commitee

As a temporary building presenting Manitoba to the world during the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Vancouver, British Columbia, the building was designed to showcase our province’s natural resources, ingenuity and our commitment to the future. The work was recognized with the Jury’s Choice Award and Municipal/Recreational Wood Design Award from the Prairie Wood Design Awards, as well as a Sustainability Star from the Vancouver Olympic Committee. The building incorporates reclaimed elm floor and soffit decking, locally fabricated wood truss floor and roof panels and removable steel screw piles, leaving virtually no trace. The pavilion was partially assembled locally in Manitoba and shipped to the site on several flat-bed transport trucks and assembled on the pavilion grounds in Vancouver in approximately 3 weeks. It was disassembled after the Games in 2 weeks and re-erected in Winnipeg where the building currently resides.

CentrePlace-Manitoba-Pavillion 1
CentrePlace-Manitoba-Pavillion 2
CentrePlace-Manitoba-Pavillion 3
CentrePlace-Manitoba-Pavillion 4
CentrePlace-Manitoba-Pavillion 5
CentrePlace-Manitoba-Pavillion 6
CentrePlace-Manitoba-Pavillion 7
CentrePlace-Manitoba-Pavillion 8

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